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What Doesn't Kill You (Will Damage You)

from by Heart On My Sleeve

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What Doesn´t Kill You (Will Damage You).

Trust should make you feel secure but in a world where trust is just a word, security is not what you seek. You feel safe in what you know and chaos is your lifeboat, in the twirling and spinning that is your life.
Trust. Love. End. Life.
That one person you warned yourself about, all of a sudden makes sense.
You feel at home, in the embrace of self destruction, you look no further because you know, you know that this is what you have longed for.

That person who keeps you up, but also drags you down.
That person to trust, who surely will sell you out.
You know that one person, that person who you stick up for even though you know you shouldn´t. You know in your heart that you shouldn´t
And you question love because if this isn´t it, I don´t know what is. I don`t know anymore.
This is home, this is where you belong

I know I shouldn´t but still do. I wish I wouldn´t but still do. I keep on pushing you away, while you drag me home. If I trust in love, it will end my life.
Born in ashes, live in flames. I play with fire but I´m not alone. Tears + chaos equals home. This is where I belong. If I trust in love, it will end my life.


from In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness, released July 6, 2015



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