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My mom said to always expect the worse, but to trust my life in God´s hands.
School taught me to never question their authority, to only gulp down what they were feeding me.
Society told me to not love myself until my body fit into their mold.
My doctor clamied that meat was good for me and that I should ignore my conscience.
Subcultures showed me how to be myself, as long as I looked like everyone else.

So at one point I decided to leave everything behind and do my own thing.
I couln´t live my life after their standards so I ran.
Rejecting everything, resisting to be like you.
My life might not be perfect but it´s mine.

So I ran with scissors - finding my own way.
So I run with scissors - finding my own way.
I might not have the answers but I can figure them out on my own.

Sometimes you have to let go and run.
So I ran…

Fuck your norms, to hell with your rules.
Fuck your schools, to hell with your gods.

Fuck you for making me feel small

Be yourself no matter what, find your own path.
Run with scissors.


from In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness, released July 6, 2015



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