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I left the door unlocked. Still I find the you in me. But where am I?
When I left I kept on walking. Giving me room to breathe.

Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t

The void you left within me. Fills all the space in me.

Forget/ Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on. I can´t, I won´t

I lost myself in you. I found myself in us and together we were lost in each other. I found myself in you. I lost myself in us. We found comfort in each other.

Don´t let go. Please let go.

At first I was terrified of the things I couldn´t see. Couldn´t grasp what was happening, that you opened up to me

Don´t let go.

The fear of getting too close forced me away. Embracing you took everything I could give. It took everything I wanted to be, so I ran.

Please let go.

Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t. Forget/Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on/ Stay here. I can´t, I won´t

It wasn´t supposed to be this way. I wasn´t supposed to feel this way.
Was it supposed to be this way? Was I supposed to feel this way? Were we supposed to end like this? Either way, this is where we part.


from In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness, released July 6, 2015



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